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Lithium silicate aqueous solution lithium silicate with Application

Due to the unique performance of lithium silicate aqueous solution, it has a wide range of uses. As the base material of coating, the coating film formed by using water as solvent not only has the general properties of inorganic coating such as heat resistance, non-combustion, radiation resistance and non-toxicity, but also has self-drying, heat resistance up to 1000℃, it has the characteristics of good abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, good wet and dry resistance, excellent water resistance, etc.

Lithium silicate can be used for offshore engineering, petroleum pipelines, ships, bridges, architectural coatings and architectural materials, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, buildings, various components, cement, concrete, asbestos tiles, coating of aluminum, iron, wood materials, synthetic resin, ceramics, etc. is especially suitable for humid environment and water-resistant decorative coatings.

Lithium silicate, as an adhesive, can be used in wood, paper, plastic, glass, metal, concrete, brick, asbestos, corrugated boxes, fiberboard, insulation board, television phosphor, automobile brake and clutch, etc.

Lithium silicate, as a surface treatment agent, can be directly applied to the metal surface, used as anti-rust liquid on the steel surface, anti-corrosion agent for metal components such as accordion, radio, instrument instrument and so on, and used in non-ferrous metal decorations, daily necessities, the light-keeping and color-keeping of handicrafts; Coating on glass can form a surface coating with excellent light transmittance and low light reflection.
The Galvanized iron sheet is not corroded in brine; The coating on the plastic film can improve its moisture barrier and gas resistance, etc.

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