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Industrial Sodium Silicate For Application

Sodium silicate is widely used in almost all sectors of the national economy. In the chemical system, it is used to produce various silicate products such as silica gel, white carbon black, zeolite molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, silica sol, layered silicon, instant powdered sodium silicate, potassium sodium silicate, etc. It is the basic raw material of silicon compounds. In economically developed countries, the series of deep-processing products using sodium silicate as raw material have grown to more than 50 kinds, some of which have been applied in the fields of high-tech, fine-tech and advanced science and technology. In light industry, it is an indispensable raw material in detergents such as washing powder and soap, and is also a water softener and sedimentation aid. Used in textile industry to aid dyeing, bleaching and sizing. It is widely used in the machinery industry for casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservative, etc. It is used in the construction industry to manufacture quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory materials, etc. Silicon fertilizer can be produced in agriculture. In addition, it can be used as silicon-aluminum catalyst for petroleum catalytic cracking, filler for soap, adhesive for corrugated paper, metal preservative, water softener, detergent additive, refractory and ceramic raw materials, bleaching, dyeing and sizing of textiles, mineral processing in mines, waterproofing, plugging, wood fire prevention, food preservation and adhesive preparation.

Sodium Silicate

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