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Aluminum-aluminum welding wire

Aluminum-aluminum welding wire, also known as aluminum-aluminum flux-cored welding wire, is a welding wire that can be brazed directly by flame or induction.
Aluminum aluminum welding wire
Aluminum aluminum welding wire
Aluminum-aluminum welding wire is also called aluminum-aluminum flux-cored welding wire. This kind of welding wire is named after aluminum and aluminum materials. It is different from ordinary aluminum welding wire which needs to be welded with an argon arc welding machine, and also different from aluminum-silicon welding wire er4047 which needs to be matched with flux to be welded, and it can be brazed directly by flame or induction (because it comes with flux, it is not necessary Add flux).
The tensile and shear strength of the workpiece welded by this wire (the joint firmness is not lower than the base material), electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance are good, and the quality is stable. For the flux composition and performance of this wire, see Songfeng Electromechanical website .
Compared with welding with aluminum welding wire using an argon arc welding machine, the use of aluminum and aluminum welding wire workers is simple to operate, the welding equipment is simple, and the welding will not change the structure of the base material.

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